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About Us

Brangers Performance and Machine Shop is located in ElizabethtownKY just 45 minutes south of Louisville, KY. Owner Justin Brangers has been in the engine building business since 1998. Justin has taken his engine building and tuning expertise to the public and opened his own machine shop. Brangers Machine Shop specializes in Big Inch NOS, Turbo Charged and Super Charged Engines.  Our on-site machinists have over 50 years experience from minor valve jobs, major over-hauls to balancing & blue printing. Brangers Racing is a complete in-house machine shop offering super flow engine dyno and Mustang Chassis Dyno tuning.

Brangers Performance and Machine offers:

  • Clean, Check & Mag Blocks
  • Bore & Hone Blocks W/ Torque Plates
  • Align Hone
  • Computerized Balancing
  • Reconditioned Pistons & Rods
  • Mic, Polish, Weld & Turn Crankshafts
  • Resurface Cylinder Heads (CBN)
  • Square Deck Blocks (CBN)
  • Reman Cylinder Heads
  • 3 Angle Valve Jobs
  • Install Guides & Seats
  • Complete Engine Kits & Hard to find Parts
  • Custom NOS Kits with User Friendly Flow Charts
  • Rottler CNC Block Machining & Blue Printing
  • Sunnen SV-10 Computerized Diamond Cylinder Hone
  • And much more!

Contact us today! Whether it is a hard to find part you need the next day or just a little machine work to fix a piece of equipment to keep your business running smoothly or your are ready for a complete rebuild, we can help you.